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Business Telephone Systems that Use Cloud-based Unified Communications are here to Stay.

Do you prefer a traditional Business Telephone System or are you ready to explore the advantages of Cloud-based Unified Communications?

We recently deployed a new Cloud-based UC System at the Burlington headquarters offices.  It provides us with great advantages over our former premise-based system.   Our hosted UC System deployed quickly and efficiently due to technology advancesthat support Cloud-based UC.

Traditional business telephone systems (referred to as a Key system for smaller businesses or PBX’s for large or enterprise businesses) are becoming obsolete.  Today, the business telephone system is a fundamental business staple.   The purpose of Key systems and PBX’s was to manage and organize calls to and from a business.  Most noteworthy, Key systems and PBX’s can become obsolete when they compete with feature-rich UC.  Today’s Business Telephone Systems perform a much more important role in your company’s operations.

Why Unified Communications?

A business phone system’s job is to create a flexible, manageable and professional PRESENCE.    Business owners and IT Managers may have a hard time managing conversations when website chat, blogs, and social media invade your business communications.   The result of excluding human interaction in real-time can hurt your business.  Furthermore, real-time phone conversations are an important part of doing business.   Business owners or IT Managers can enhance real-time communications with UC Business Telephone Systems.   Business owners can also control what callers hear when they phone you.  You must control what you convey about your business right away.   A caller quickly learns the most about your business by how you answer the phone.   Your phone system conveys an impression of your company that is especially relevant to your branding.  Your customers must know whether or not they matter to you.

Unified Communications Allows Companywide Teaming and Transparency.

UC Cloud-based, business telephone systems deliver voice mail via .wav files as e-mail.  Therefore, employees can text co-workers or customers in near real-time.  Your staff enjoys the ability to share, save or distribute voicemails as digital .wav files.  Your company can use UC to educate customers using the web, video and audio conferencing.  UC can provide you with the ability to know if a co-worker is available for a call or meeting.  Another key feature is that UC establishes “PRESENCE.”   Since PRESENCE is a graphical display of user’s availability status on your phone and desktop, it is easy to use.  You save money on cell phone costs by deploying UC MOBILITY.   You may seamlessly integrate a small office, home or field workers with your onsite worker without complex and expensive equipment and services.

Why UC?

Real-time conversations take place less often as traditional business telephone system deployment decreases.   Social media email, chat, text, and direct social media, (Snapchat, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook) while highly innovative, can also disrupt traditional communications.   You need to connect with customers and business contacts in real-time.   Automated voicemail or manual answering solutions may divert or delay important calls. Therefore, unnecessary work must be created to deliver information to schedule a real-time call.   Calls might be missed completely.  Random calls could be redirected into voicemail auto attendants.  Calls can simply wind up in the frustrating consumer experience that customers often referred to as “Voicemail Jail”.

Virtual Unified Communications telephone systems, rich in features, must be deployed to provide technology advantages.  They offer credible advantages over traditional business telephone systems.  UC can enable a business owner to directly monitor and control their business telephone system and telecommunications environment.

Is a Unified Communications System Right for your Company?

First of all, Unified Communications systems must provide real-time or near real-time communications, across many media, between all of the users and devices in an enterprise environment.

Especially relevant, conversations are real-time!  A voicemail, fax, email, and ‘phone-tag’ is not.   Real-time communications should impact business transactions by increasing the number of connections in the actual moment. Participants in a UC environment can speak and collaborate without delay.

Why you must invest in Unified Communications for your Business Telephone System.

Experts estimate that less than 25% of telephone call attempts reach their intended party with traditional telephone systems.  Most of all, this is due to the inefficiency of a traditional key or PBX systems.  As a result, attempts to communicate can consume more time than the ultimate communication itself!  Time is money.

PRESENCE information displays on your phone,  or desktop GUI.  Therefore, it can display the availability and status of the intended recipient of the call.    This feature can significantly increase productivity by alleviating the need for multiple attempts to connect.   Most noteworthy, you can manage calls and callers more efficiently when you know where your workforce is at any given moment.

Employees can use UC Texting to create a call, impart info, or ask a simple question.  As a result, UC Texts can communicate without interrupting the recipient’s current call or meeting.   The caller can proceed with their work. The caller does not need to wait for information, or alternatively compose an email, voicemail or other non-real-time communication, and then wait.

UC Hastens the Real-time Connection between Participants.

Your company manages work, communications, and especially COLLABORATION outside the office.   Most of all, you can use UC technology to gain significant increases in productivity, efficiency, and timeliness.   The same financial investment required to deploy a UC system can be offset by UC’s benefits.  In fact, you might replace most legacy systems at lower operating and capital gains expense by deploying a modern UC system.

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