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Loretta Roby and Zoltan Keve


Carrier Services for your Business

Our business is assisting you in the selection of Carrier services.    So, business customers who seek services from traditional carrier services or high-speed ethernet cable services can quickly realize the benefits of working  with a solutions broker.  We can save you time and money.  In addition, we can eliminate unnecessary effort spent shopping for the new technologies that you and your team may not thoroughly understand.  We quickly identify optimized solutions for your business needs once your existing services are evaluated. Caleidoscope provides multiple designs options and thus, multiple cost options for your telecommunications Carrier services.  We are industry experts.

Shopping for Carrier Services is Time Consuming

Local carriers, referred to as (ILECs) Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers  traditionally provide voice, data, and Internet services.   CLECS or Competitive Local Exchange Carriers provide essentially the same services but may price the services in a variety of flavors and bundles.  CLECs compete with your local phone company’s offerings.  In addition, other service providers now include cable companies.  Cable companies now also provide voice, data and Internet solutions for business customers.  Our experience in the industry gives us a mature view of both new and traditional products and services available from ILECs, CLECs, and cable providers.   When you choose to utilize the services offered by Caleidoscope, you choose a telecom broker with experience in a variety of vertical markets.  Therefore, our job is to help your business operate at optimum efficiency.  We shop for the best price for your services as part of our commitment to you – our customers.

Our Customer Focus

First of all, you can benefit from Caleidoscope’s combined knowledge base, certifications, years of working together and years of experience in the industry.    Thus, we can often cut through finger-pointing and resolve issues quickly and efficiently.  We clearly communicate, educate, document and impart complex technical information to a wide range of people serving in different roles for a variety of vertical markets.   We take pride in our ability to respond quickly to our customers.  Therefore, we answer complex questions about voice, data and Internet services with straightforward, unbiased answers.  Also, we decipher technical information and communicate it in terms that you can understand.  Especially relevant, we take inventory of your current business communication services, assess the value of those services in terms of costs and  current services, and organize the information in a way that makes it easy to understand.  Then we present it to you and your team.

Why Caleidoscope?

We pride ourselves on our ability to respond quickly to our customers.   Our job is to decipher technical information and communicate it in terms that you can understand.  Furthermore, we assess the value of your current service costs.  We then compare current service solutions and associated costs against new technology replacements.   So, we organize your information and present you with a customized design and proposal.   You are empowered to make informed decisions when you are armed with simplified information about complex technical solutions.  Also, we deal directly with the carrier providers to save you stress and time.  Therefore, we effectively isolate and escalate service related issues.    Most of all, we own our CRM system.   Because we retain all records concerning services we provisioned for you, we provide efficient access, faster response times and knowledge about your account.

What do Brokered Services Cost?

Caleidoscope is a broker of equipment and carrier services.  As a business consumer of telecom products, you gain an advantage when you work with us.  Your advantage is that we present you with choices.  You need not take the time to shop and interface with dozens of sales people representing various providers.  So we can provide multiple quotations from hand selected and fully vetted providers for solutions that address your needs. We choose from a variety of perspectives dependent upon your goals.  If you purchase and implement services we recommend, our fee is paid by the carrier.  In other words, there is no charge to you for the time we have spent analyzing your communications solutions needs and providing a unique approach to your problems or pain points.

Project Management

Project management is an additional service we provide.  We charge you either by the hour or by the project if you hire us to manage a project for you.  We do not make any changes to your voice, data, Internet service, switches, routers, software or hardware without your approval. Products we recommend can include fiber network providers that offer Ethernet (Gig-E) connections.  Gig-E supports fast connectivity to the Internet.  It allows bandwidth speeds and performance metrics that would have been unaffordable two years ago.  Most of all, we also consult on a wide-range of solutions for cloud-based or VoIP applications including co-location network storage, disaster recovery, distance learning, medical imaging, video conferencing along with traditional voice, VoIP, video and Internet access solutions.

Our Carrier Experience

As your advocate and adviser, we can help you migrate from one provider to another if expectations are not being met.   Thus, we help you understand what contractual obligations might be associated with the changes.

We design a platform to deliver service continuity and mission-critical solutions planning.  We accomplish this by designing and deploying effective voice, data and Internet solutions.

Especially relevant,  you can have access to the best of brands and the latest technology.

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