Hosted Data Center

hosted data center

What is a Hosted Data Center?

A Hosted Data Center is a centralized location where computing resources critical to an organization that are maintained in a highly controlled physical environment including humidity, temperature, etc.   Typical components stored in a Hosted Data Center include host computers, servers, peripherals, applications, databases, and network access.  Typically within the hosted data center operations model is a system in which includes teams of highly trained, technology-specific engineers to build, maintain and test platforms – and ultimately successful operations.   The hosting provider ensures that their solutions are architected to meet customer expectations.  Examples include the storage, virtualization, and platform centers of excellence.

Hosted Data Centers should provide 24 x 7 support centers staffed with professionals who truly care about customers.     They should provide customers with the highest levels of transparency and control. Every customer should have instant access to certified cloud engineers and support staff to ensure their solution is meeting the changing demands of their business – at all times.

Traditional services a customer should expect from a hosted data center include the following:

A Customer Portal

The hosted data center provider understands that the cloud is equally about resource availability and user experience.    A customer portal allows customers to manage their cloud assets.   A customizable dashboard allow for instantly adding cloud resources or cloning existing machines.  The Customer Portal should link directly into a ticketing system, and allow management of hybrid solutions..

7 x 24 Monitoring

In order to provide application availability SLAs, the provider must have a robust infrastructure, component and application monitoring tools, services, and alerts.  The monitoring suite connects into the hosting services portal to provide a data center dashboard for proactive and reactive monitoring and management. Portal visibility allows customers to continuously monitor the overall health of their application and IT systems.

Dedicated Support

The hosting provider ideally dedicates a support teams to each customer so customers never speak with someone that is unfamiliar with their solution.

Service Delivery Management

In addition to Support, the provider should supply each customer with a Service Delivery Management team to engage in high-priority escalations and pro-active consultation on additional services or solutions necessary to ensure the hosted data center services continuously meets their changing needs and requirements.

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