Cloud Hosting

What is Cloud Hosting?

When people talk about Cloud Hosting, they are speaking about a technology that has been around and used by businesses worldwide for many years.  In 1982, the first Ethernet adapter card for the IBM PC released,introducing fast, inexpensive connections that would enable cloud computing.   In 1998, VMware  was founded and introduced software providing completely virtualized set of hardware to a guest operating system. In 1999, was founded in San Francisco apartment. We have all been using forms  of cloud hosting services  since 1982.  Cloud services are not going away.  Many cloud hosting based companies have become household names like Quickbooks, Dropbox, Turbotax,, Facebook, online banking, online betting, Travelocity, Kyak, Priceline, JetBlue, Airbnb,     These are examples of  mainstreamed cloud based consumer services and products  that have entered  into our lexicon and pop culture.  Thinking about how these companies work and what services provide will help you understand how to make use of the technology as well perhaps apply those same principals to your own enterprise.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is based on the most innovative Cloud computing technologies that allow unlimited number of machines to act as one system. Other hosting solutions (shared or dedicated) depend on one machine only, while cloud hosting security is guaranteed by many servers. The cloud technology allows easy integration of extra resources, such as space or RAM and thus enable website growth.

Cloud Hosting Benefits:

  • Highest level of website performance guaranteed by multiple machines
  • Guaranteed server resources (CPU, RAM)
  • Redundant data storage
  • No single point of failure
  • Website growth flexibility
  • Lower pricing and generous features

As a broker of technology services and solutions, our customers both utilize the cloud to access tools necessary to perform their jobs, but also may host a site that other consumers access to purchase products. We help our customers navigate and negotiate both sides of the equation.  We sell cloud hosting and we also sell hosted products. Some of the Cloud Hosting providers we represent include Level 3, EarthLink and GWI.  Below are pdf brochures  from companies we recommend.

EarthLink Businesss

GWI Data Center Collocation Services

Level 3 Cloud Hosting White Paper

Windstream Cloud Services

Windstream Data Centers

OTT SiteLink