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Benefits of using a Data Center Firewall?

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An Enterprise Data Center Firewall is hardware or software or both that prevents unauthorized access to your computers.  A Data Center Firewall has many additional layers of design complexity and carrier class equipment.  The main function of a firewall is security.  This main function checks access to and from the network(s) and to make certain unauthorized probing is not gaining access to your data.  Site scanning and/or probing is the initial phase of any attack.The firewall is, and has been, the primary foundation around which conventional network security architectures are built.  A firewall will protect against two forms of threats outside of the firewall.  The conventional firewall is beginning to show its limitations in detecting and repelling modern attacks. Attacks targeted at the application or network layers are causing failures of these stateful, and often expensive, firewalls, and the number
of such attacks is growing.

Here are two types of unauthorized access or attacks to your computers and servers.

  1. Denial of Service.   In this scenario, the attacker is attempting to bring down your network connected computers by bombarding it with traffic.  This attack can literally cease the operations of the hosting computers.
  2. Intrusion.   Here the attacker is attempting to secure user IDs and passwords in order to gain access to the network and then grab data from inside the network.   The best case scenario for the intruder is that they gain access to your data without your knowledge.

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Data Center Firewall

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