Endpoint Management and Monitoring

Endpoint Management Core Components

Unified Endpoint Management and Security services combine a robust, reliable IT infrastructure, proactive management capabilities and automated processes, all working seamlessly in the background to protect all endpoints that access your network.  Endpoint Management is a hosted service that offers expertise from a third party to assist with running your IT without monopolizing your staff.

End User Help Desk

EarthLink Business IT services offers an option to add 24/7 Helpdesk for End Users.  This hosted service provides a North American-based help desk with around the clock support for end users.

Endpoint Security (PC/Mac)

  • As businesses experience higher levels of intrusive malware and virus attacks, internal IT teams are burdened to keep users optimized and productive.    Often it is not the project that the business owner requires their team to spend time on.  By leveraging a relationship with hosted experience and tools to secure PCs/Macs in your environment, you create a safe computing environment and focus your IT team on projects that help bring in revenue.
  • Products like EarthLink Core Protection Suite (CPS), is made up of best in breed technologies to helps ensure your companies PCs/Macs are kept current with virus and spyware definition updates and critical security patches.
  • Endpoint management, like that delivered by EarthLink, and security solution that enables your team to view the health of all managed endpoints on your network from dashboard enabled with real-time reporting and rapid remediation through EarthLink CPS.
  • If controlling costs while reducing risk and supporting your compliance requirements is a priority for your business, hosted Endpoint Management products like EarthLink CPS can be deployed in days for any network size or configuration.

Endpoint Management and Security pertains to users and devices logging into the network.  Endpoint security and management involves setting and enforcing criteria for trust and identity management.

Caleidoscope offers choices for Endpoint security and management as a value add for our customers.

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