Managed Security Operations

managed security

He wishes he had managed security!

Why do you need Managed Security?  What are Typical Business IT Security Challenges?

  • Does my network security protect my IT environment and sensitive data and meet the regulatory compliance standards?
  • How do I protect all my locations and end-users from malicious intruders and malware?
  • How do I keep my cloud based servers and IT assets protected?
  • How do I ensure that content filtering and URL blocking policies are deployed on a uniform basis across multiple locations?
  • How can I lower or eliminate the CAPEX (capital expenditure) and lower the OPEX (operational expenditure) of my security deployments?
  • How can I ensure my remote and mobile employees are connecting securely to my private network?
  • How do I get my limited IT staff to refocus on strategic revenue generating initiatives?


managed security

She has managed security!










With Managed Security Operations, these “pain points” (a level of difficulty sufficient to motivate someone to seek a solution or an alternative) are managed by a third party.  Most providers offer:

  • Managed Security lower upfront capital resources, allow you to simplify IT management and rapidly scale up and down.
  • Managed Security will shift the burden of security management to a third party.
  •  A Managed Security Contract with an outsourced security solution with 24/7 monitoring, protection and support.
  • Reduce the amount of internal human resources needed to manage network security and administration.
  • Minimize risk and protect your business’s mission-critical information.
  • Lower operational costs and upfront capital expense associated with managing, monitoring and securing your infrastructure.
  • Comply with government and industry regulations though proactive security monitoring, documented security policies and procedures.
  • Shift the burden of security management.
  • Obtain on-demand reporting for easy access and visibility to critical business assets.