IP Data Products

IP Data Products

What can IP Data Products do for your Company?

The complexity of data networks and use of IP Data Products is as individualized and customized as the needs of the consumers that require to pass data communications both internally and externally.  IP data products and services can be purchased and created from a variety data hardware and carrier products.  The use of IP in the data network has become the standard.

Check out this Brocade customer video.  Caleidoscope is a Brocade reseller.

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One definition of data networking, is simply a capability that allows users to combine separate data bases, telecommunication systems, and specialized computer operations into a single integrated system.  The purpose of this is so that data communication can be handled as easily as voice messages.  Data communications addresses methods and procedures for information from one place to another reliably (secure both from channel disruptions and deliberate interference) while conforming to user requirements.  IP  Data (Internet Protocol Data) is a fundamental principle or practice of the Internet and was designed primarily for inter-networking as being a simple protocol almost any network could carry.

For customers that require assistance with designing and implementation of and IP Data Products and Network, Caleidoscope Solutions can help save time, money and guarantee a solution that meets our customer’s needs.

Some of the products we recommend include:

Level 3 Internet Localization Service

Level 3 Wavelength Service

Level 3 Content Delivery Network Services

ACC ATT Managed Internet Service

EarthLink Complete Data Hosted Network Security

Brocade FCX Series Switches

Or checkout the small busines product line from Windstream.  Caleidoscope is an authorized sales representative for Windstream products and services.

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