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About New Horizon

New Horizon Communications Group is a full-service provider of voice, data & Internet solutions for businesses. Headquartered in the Northeast, we provide service to organizations throughout the U.S., with the highest density of customers in the Maine-to-Virginia corridor.

New Horizon customers rely on them for everything from basic local and long distance to high bandwidth Internet connectivity to advanced networking solutions like MPLS VPNs and custom-engineered WANs that carry voice, data, and video.

What customers obtain  from New Horizon services is  that they value most, though, is relief–from impersonal service, services that don’t fit or live up to their claims, and poor communication and follow-up. Customers come to New Horizon in search of a company that they can count on.  And, New Horizon, has built their company to be exactly that.

New Horizon’s  business model is all about alignment. They have aligned themselves with a network of partners so they can, in turn, offer solutions that are perfectly aligned with customers’ objectives.  Their charter revolves around the customer experience, so they  invest in exceptional Customer Service and Care resources. Similarly, their “MAP” tool is aligned with New Horizon’s commitment to accessibility and accountability, giving customers full view of everything we do on their behalf–from useful summaries down to daily activity and detailed notes (even recent usage data that hasn’t been billed yet).

It’s a model born out of our senior team’s wisdom, where we’ve aligned our strengths with the priorities of our customers, sales agents, and carrier partners. And our success–including a revenue-per-employee ratio that sets the pace in our industry–is proof that there is a brighter way to connect businesses.

New Horizon Communications Group at a glance:

  • Founded in 2002
  • Approximately $40 million in annual revenue in 2011
  • Profitable since 2004
  • Debt free since 2006
  • National Footprint
  • Over 4000 customers billing over 120,000 lines
  • Steadily increasing revenues and profits year over year
  • Solid long term alliances with bank, credit facility and carrier partners
  • Innovative business model leveraging deep industry expertise & relationships
  • Highest customer satisfaction and long term retention in our industry

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