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Charter, Time Warner, Bright House

Press Release Excerpts May 2015 Charter Communications completed transactions in which Charter Communications acquired Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks. Therefore, the combination of Charter Communications, Time Warner Cable, and Bright House creates a leading broadband services and technology company, serving over 25 million customers in 41 states.  The company’s objective is to provide […]

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FCC Chairman Recommends Acquisition

AT&T Closes DirecTV Acquisition July 28, 2015  No last minute surprises as the FCC ratifies AT&T’s 49 billion acquisition of satellite television provider DirecTV on Friday. reported that AT&T closed its $49 billion acquisition of satellite television provider DirecTV on Friday, after the Federal Communications Commission ratified the deal. While the company had to […]

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Comcast, Time Warner Acquisition Deal is Off

Comcast, Time Warner Deal Killed by the FCC Comcast’a acquisition of Time Warner Cable had the likelihood of creating a national cable monopoly.  This week, the FCC stepped in and killed the deal. April 24, 2015   According to USA Today, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler said in a statement “Comcast and Time Warner Cable’s decision to […]

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Comcast Investment Company

What’s new at Comcast? 03/31/2015  Comcast, in the middle of a $45 billion purchase of Time Warner Cable, anticipates the deal closing to take longer because of a long-running regulatory review. That is not, however, stopping the corporate giant from other business transactions. According to, Comcast announced yesterday that they will form a new strategic company, Comcast Investment Company, […]

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Spectrum Business

Spectrum Business is the new Charter Communications.   Spectrum Business is  Charter’s new business accounts unit.  Most of all, Spectrum serves Enterprise and Small and Medium business.  Therefore, these units  focus on commercial services customers. 03/02/2015 Fierce Cable‘s Daniel Frankel reported yesterday that after splitting its business services division into two units, small-to-medium and larger-enterprise. […]

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Comcast in the News!

Comcast May Soon Have More Web Users Than Cable Subscribers 2/24/2015  When you think of Comcast, you are thinking cable t.v., on demand t.v., bundles, right?  News of the the pending merger of Time Warner Cable and Comcast are posted regularly.  Today’s news, however, has a different focus. In a report from today, Bloomberg analysts […]

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Cable Profit Margins Surpass Previous Years

09/15/2014  According to a report recently released by E&Y (formerly Ernst & Young), Cable profit margins are reaching levels of profit margins not experienced since 2009.  According to a article, the profits are being driven by the proliferation of broadband services.  Cable profitability surpassed that of cable-programming networks (projected at 37 percent for 2014, down […]

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Delays Possible in Time Warner/Comcast Cable Merger

July 28, 2014 According to news sources this morning,  a memo was sent to Time Warner Cable employees from their CEO, C.E.O. Rob Marcus, late last week  indicating that  a strained F.C.C. could delay approval for the proposed Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger. READ the full story from Comcast-TWC would control 29% of the U.S. […]

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Matthew Siegel Named Chief Financial Officer Of “SpinCo”

Please click on Spinco below to read the full Wall Street Journal article released today 6 16 2014. Interesting to note that the company that Verizon and FairPoint formed to transition the New England Verizon franchaise to the eventual corporation FairPoint, was named “Spinco.”  

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Cable Companies Joining Forces

Microsoft, Google, Facebook, eBay, Yahoo and others have formed a computer industry association called the Computer and Communications Industry Association or CCIA.  On Monday, June 9, 2014, the CCIA issued an appeal for FCC regulators to reject the deal. The CCIA in a letter to Senator Al Franken (D-Minnesota), the association cautioned that the merger “would […]

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