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Last Mile versus First Mile?

First Mile or Last Mile? Think about the concept of  the first mile versus connectivity versus the last mile in telco connectivity solutions, you can create a new way to look at an old problem.  You can change the paradigm.   The source of funding for “the last 100 feet” of connectivity is significant.  Traditional funding sources […]

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Wireline Assets

Are Wireline Assets Being Neglected? December 15, 2015 Greg Facemyer and Joe Derella’s article in stresses real life challenges of businesses in rural New Jersey towns impacted by Verizon’s service availability. Can you imagine trying to conduct business in today’s world with no high-speed Internet access, no cellular phone service, and landline telephone service […]

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Special Access Challenged

Special Access Discount for Wholesale Customers is challenged by the FCC. October 9, 2015  According to an article released today in Fierce Telecom, by Sean Buckley …”In an FCC filing, Verizon said that a recent joint letter filed by BT, Birch and Level 3 does not offer any new evidence that its pricing plans are […]

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FCC Chairman Recommends Acquisition

AT&T Closes DirecTV Acquisition July 28, 2015  No last minute surprises as the FCC ratifies AT&T’s 49 billion acquisition of satellite television provider DirecTV on Friday. reported that AT&T closed its $49 billion acquisition of satellite television provider DirecTV on Friday, after the Federal Communications Commission ratified the deal. While the company had to […]

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FCC Expands Lifeline Includes Broadband

The FCC will now subsidize broadband connectivity to the Internet.July 19, 2015  Helena Fahnrich of CEDmagazine reported today that the Federal Communications Commission approved the inclusion of broadband in its Lifeline program on Thursday by a vote of 3-2 to expand the program.. ISPs selling service under Lifeline could be required to offer basic speeds […]

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Patent Troll Ruling Against Cisco

Judge Rules Against Cisco in Patent Troll Case May 26, 2015  Patent Trolls are in the news after a Supreme Court Judge ruled against Cisco in a case involving a patent for a wireless networking method.   It seems the use of the words “Patent Troll,” have been delicately avoided until this ruling.   That is why […]

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More New Net Neutrality Challenges

New net neutrality challenges!  Let the litigation begin! On the heels of the news of Cogent and Level 3 filing litigation targeting the June effective date of the FCC’s new Net Neutrality regulations, as well as filings on Tuesday April 14, 2015 by the NCTA, ACA, and CTIA.  All suits challenge to block the FCC […]

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Net Neutrality Complaints Begin to Surface

Net Neutrality Complaints from Level 3 and Cogent are Among the First! It is no surprise to me that the telcos are pushing back on Net Neutrality and Net Neutrality complaints by Cogent and Level 3 Communications are surfacing.  The Net Neutrality complaints focus on how incumbent telcos and cable operators are potentially degrading Internet traffic. […]

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Net Neutrality Vote is in!

 Net Neutrality Rules Approved by FCC 02/26/2015 .  The FCC today voted today to reverse a 2002 ruling that classified the Internet as an “information service”, in favor of a Title II “telecommunications service,” which empowers the FCC to place more regulations and potentially protection, as a regulated utility. According to statements released today in the […]

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Updates on Changes to E-Rate for 2015

E-Rate Changes for 2015 – Good or Bad for Education? According to a blog report today from Education Week (, the Federal Communications Commission approved a major increase in funding for the E-rate program in December of 2014. This was a decision that supporters predict will greatly expand schools’ and libraries’ access to high-speed web […]

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