Classroom Gig E Case Study

RSU 18 Deploys Classroom Gig E

900_x_193_blue_earth_data _caleidoscope_solutions_logoRSU 18, a Maine School District began of exploring opportunities afforded to rural school districts launched by President Obama’s ConnectED initiative.  RSU 18 began the process with E-Rate.  Consequently, RSU issued an RFI for Classroom Gig EGig-Ertunities via E-Rate, once they realized the powerful benefits of Gig-E to the classroom .

Most of all, the winning Gig-E to the classroom was proposed by Caleidoscope Solutions,  OTT Communications, and  Ruckus Wireless.

One year later, the Classroom Gig-E solution is installed and working for the benefit of RSU 18.  RSU 18  consists of the Atwood Primary School, Belgrade Central School, China Primary School, James H. Bean School, Williams Elementary School and the District’s Central Office.

Classroom Gig E

RSU 18 installed hi-speed wireless in their district serving anywhere from 500 to 1,200 devices at the six locations with assistance from Caleidoscope, OTT Communications, and Ruckus Wireless.

RSU 18 students can now use their IPads at the intended in a 1:1 ratio.  Students experience  little or no connection issues, according to Technology Director Adam Murray.  With Classroom Gig E in place,  the district gained the ability to administer computer-based standardized, testing in regular classrooms.  Previously testing was done in computer labs.

Director Murray was pleased by the improvements realized  by deploying the Classroom Gig-E project.  Since the number of access points in the Ruckus Wi-Fi equipment proposal by Caleidoscope, OTT Communications, and Ruckus was reduced, the school district realized a saving of  between $50,000 and $100,000.

In conclusion, our white paper attached describes in more detail RSU’s Classroom Gig-E experience.

So, please call Caleidoscope at 8660462-9259 to learn how we can assist your school district or library build a G-E to the classroom  bundled initiative.  Finally, we are here to help you understand how to  utilize E-Rate funding. We support you through the process along with our independent E-Rate consultant.

OTT Communications Classroom Gig E


Ruckus Classroom Gig E

RSU 18 Case Study