Customer Service

customerWe Focus on our Customer!

Customer service is our most important goal.   We feel that customer service is job number one.  We are proud of our reputation.  Anticipating the needs of our customers by offering them value and quality services is one of the most critical factors in our business today.  Our customers are our most valuable asset.  Our job is to educate you on the latest technology solutions and services.   Our business focus means that our customers can consider alternatives that may otherwise not have been available to them.  The solutions and services we offer continue to evolve.
We are an alternative provider of telecommunications services.  Therefore, our vision includes providing first-rate customer service.  Most noteworthy, our keen focus on our customers create a positive and memorable experience.  We strive for clear communications every time we come in contact with our customers.

We pride ourselves on providing solutions that enhance your experiences.

By always working on ways to better our customer care processes, we’ve been able to increase your satisfaction and raise employee morale.

At Caleidoscope, we  work to  improve our customer’s  satisfaction.   Therefore, we align people, processes, and technology.  We do this to meet the demands of educating you  about how technology is evolving.  We firmly believe that educated consumers are happy customers.   Hence, feedback from our customers provides important information on how we can improve.  Consequently, our company strives to become  better at all aspects of our processes.  Therefore, we learn from customer feedback how to become better at product selection, product branding, and company marketing,  as well as  service, product delivery, and training.

We believe in the best-of-breed solutions.  Especially relevant, best of brand solutions are currently offered by carriers such as ShoreTel, Level 3, EarthLink Business, 8×8, DSCI,  GWI, Comcast, and others.   Caleidoscope Solutions is truly unique.   So, what makes us unique is that hosted, hybrid and cloud services in combination with hardware and software needed to integrate the solution designs.

Most importantly,customer satisfaction, carrier and vendor performance are essential to Caleidoscope’s reputation.  Our industry is one of the most competitive.  Sp.grab the Caleidoscope team and  we will begin your project.

Finally, we are locally owned and operated!   We are not going to hide behind the Broccoli if we run into you in the grocery store.