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Caleidoscope appreciates letters from our customers.   We enjoy receiving them and sharing them with our potential customers.

Lincoln Paper wrote the following letter to Caleidoscope in appreciation of good service by our Maine Network Consultant, Steve Luzzi.   Jeff Hayward wrote…

Lincoln Paper |  Lincoln, Maine

“I am writing to recommend the products and services of Steve Luzzi and Caleidoscope. My history as a large manufacturing customer of Steve Luzzi and the telecommunications products and services that he provides goes back several years. During this time, I have always been impressed and appreciative of Steve’s technical knowledge, as well as his willingness to dig below the surface to find and recommend the best products for my business, both from a functional and cost perspective. More than once, Steve has been able to bring in new technology for us that leave us with better capabilities and lower monthly fixed costs. In addition, Steve is always involved to be sure those implementations are done smoothly, and that the final results meet or exceed initial expectations.

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Having the sales person stay tuned into the project for the duration of implementation is something that is highly valued, and certainly not found in all vendors of this industry. Lastly, it should be mentioned that Steve is always on the lookout for up and coming technology services. He frequently stays in contact with his customers to make them aware of what might be coming in the next months, or what may have just been released for technology. He is very careful to not pitch every new technology and does not expect his customers to procure everything that he presents. His recommendations and advice are always relative to the needs and special requirements of the customer, and if I choose in some situations to not pursue one of his offerings, it is always understood and handled very professionally.  Therefore, I’m happy to recommend the services of Steve Luzzi. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me for further information”.


Jeff Hayward


About Lincoln Paper

Lincoln Paper and Tissue is a manufacturer of commodity and specialty tissue products headquartered in Lincoln, Maine.

Lincoln Paper’s mission is to meet the unique needs of commodity and specialty products producers through its strategic mix of value-added tissue products, matching reliable, quality products with responsive, professional customer service.

The focus and determination of its people and quality of the products are key to the company’s success. Lincoln Paper and Tissue’s employs a team of 200 dedicated and talented employees.  They are a valued part of the company’s business.

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