Dedicated Exchange

dedicated exchangeWhat is a Dedicated Exchange Server?

A dedicated Exchange Server is exactly what the name implies.

Exchange Server is the most popular solution for businesses-class email nowadays. The Exchange server allows your employees to access their email securely from anywhere in the world, directly from their computers or mobile devices.

It is a single server which stores data for your organization only.  This exchange server is built for you and no other company’s data will be housed on your server.  This may be the best solution if you are have a larger organization and believe that you will be able to use most or all of the space available on the server.  This option is a good option if you have an in-house IT staff that will allow your employees to apply more granular control over employee access and mailbox size limits.


  • Additional flexibility for larger organizations
  • Flexible mailbox sizes
  • Ample space capacity
  • Full scalability to quickly and easily add users

Caleidoscope also represents carriers that will provide outsourced IT services like EarthLink Business, Level 3 and Windstream.    Contact a Caleidoscope Account Manager to learn more about outsourced IT options.

EarthLink Business Dedicated Exchange