Effective Solutions Offer Results

Emerging Technology Solutions

Emerging Technology Solutions

Effective Solutions Save you Time and Money.

Effective solutions are the best way to overcome communications problems with measurable results.   You are busy and so is your staff.  Changing core technologies in your operations sounds like a big undertaking – so why would you not choose a partner to assist you? Therefore, when you chose Caleidoscope Solutions as your broker, you partner with a company that brings you rich resources, professionalism, and an impressive history in the industry.

Why choose Caleidoscope Solutions?

First of all, we promise to respond to questions, challenges, and problems.  We provide answers, a design, education and a model to attain successful outcomes.  Since we accomplish this by staying well-versed in the latest technology products and services available, we add value.  We do this to help your businesses remain competitive in our global economy.  Time and experience prove that effective technology solutions by proven providers, combined with our team, can create a cohesive design for your specific needs that will address your pain points, save you money and provide a lasting value.

  • We acquire, test and deploy the products and services that we offer at our own facilities, train and certify on those products.  Our goal is long-term relationships with our customers.
  • Caleidoscope provides unique applications and deployment of IP Convergence products to create a mission-critical and evergreen communications resources.    Whether you can afford to buy the end-point or not, every building block acquired on the path to the final product is a choice.  We can offer the building blocks and a road map to the whole building like a shining city upon a hill,
  • As a broker, we are not locked into one provider’s solution like many other telecommunications agents. Caleidoscope offers choices and advocacy for our customers.
  • Our individual design components are competitively priced.   You can judge your network by its ability to perform the tasks at hand.  The value of the individual services or equipment created is whether it can seamlessly integrate into greater solutions.
  • Our experience over decades is that companies that invest in communications technology solutions survive and grow. Most noteworthy, when you treat communications technology as a commodity item, you ignore effective technology solutions. So this can actually hurt your business. The world is becoming an increasingly competitive global marketplace.

“America has been called a shining city on a hill…”

William Jefferson Clinton

The American Presidency Project

May 17, 2000

Why the name Caleidoscope Solutions?Effective Solutions

We are Caleidoscope Solutions with a C. The C represents Communications. Therefore, our job is to communicate with you.

As a Kaleidoscope suggests, a “Caleidoscope” promotes a dazzling vision. Furthermore, when you change one piece of the puzzle, you create an entirely new picture.

First of all, we derived the branding concept by playing with an actual Kaleidoscope. Because when you look into a kaleidoscope, you see patterns, colors, shapes, light – right?  Also, when you shake the Kaleidoscope, move the dial, change the dial direction, you see a brand new picture.  Most of all, you can do this many times.   Shaking up the kaleidoscope can mean removing previous components of the picture.  Changing the picture in a Kaleidoscope can allow you to create something new and something better.

In communications technology, Caleidoscope shakes up your technology. Hence, we help you view communications, collaboration, mobility, wireless, presence and sustainability in new and exciting ways. Effective Solutions in technology are evolving so rapidly that it can cause old ways of doing business to hamper positive change and growth. A great example of this is the fax machine.

We invite you to Change the Picture!

Most of all, we are your local, trusted resource. Because we are in business to help you change the picture, we are a proven asset. We assist in creating a new communications technology picture designed specifically for you – no matter whether we shake things up or turn the dial, point you in another direction or disconnect old technology!  So our effective solutions make your new picture more cost effective, more efficient, and, most importantly, effective. Furthermore, we help you achieve the communications technology solution that will provide increased productivity and profitability.

Also, we do not compete with traditional PBX sales and service company models.   Especially relevant is that our prices are fair. As a result, our solutions retain their value and utility over time. Our effective solutions save you time and money. As a result, you can avoid service disruptions and quality issues. We engineer for a result that provides you with 99.999% uptime.