Equipment Contacts for UC

Caleidoscope is a Unified Communications Solutions provider.  The products and services we offer often include customer equipment that we help select, design and deploy in order to create a seamless, redundant, Unified Communications  solutions for our customers.  Unified Communications comes in many flavors and designs.  If equipment on our customer’s premises is not part of the picture, the equipment is hosted in the cloud and managed by third parties.  Whatever the mix and match, the goals remain the same.  We offer simple answers to complex questions about voice and data.  We are your local experts.

Gartner defines UC as “unified communications products (equipment, software and services) as those that facilitate the interactive use of multiple enterprise communications methods. This can include control, management and integration of these methods. UC products integrate communications channels (media), networks and systems, as well as IT business applications and, in some cases, consumer applications and devices.value added reseller for the following equipment solutions.”

.   Customers should rely on Caleidoscope as well as the manufacturer to support and resolve problems and/or ongoing issues.

Should you experience issues when a Caleidoscope technical support is not available to  assist you  immediately, we offer the following equipment provider contacts to help you troubleshoot issues.  We offer our customers service contracts directly with manufacturers for the added layer of comfort and security.

Please find a list of direct equipment contacts telephone numbers for the equipment manufacturers we sell, and support.

Equipment Contacts for our customers:

Adtran equipment contacts

Adtran 160


Toll Free at a888-423-8726 in US and Canada







Brocade equipment contacts

Brocade Switch

Contact Brocade or call US and Canada Toll-Free at 1-800-752-8061.

Ruckus Wireless:

855-782-5871 or or 855-RUCKUS1?


ShoreTel equipment contacts

ShoreTel Voice Switch 50

Technical Assistance Center +1 (800) 742-2348


ESI equipment contacts

ESI 50 Digital Phones

800 374-0422 –  technical support PRESS 2