Equipment – Switches, Routers, IP PBXs

Switches, Routers and brilliantly simple IP PBX equipment help create our rich portfolio of communications solutions.

Equipment also know as CPE or Customer Premise Equipment solutions include assessment, design, installation, pricing, as well as  pre and post sale support.

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 Our equipment partners include:

  • ShoreTel IP-PBX
  • Brocade networking solutions, including end-to-end Internet Protocol-based Ethernet networking solutions and storage area networking solutions.
  • Ruckus Wireless products for  carrier-class Wi-Fi solutions including gateways, controllers, and access points with related software and services
  • ESI digital telephone system that connects to a number of dedicated system phones for small business applications.

Telecommunications Brokers or Agents of the past concentrated on what happened to voice, data and Internet connectivity past the demarcation point in a business or facility.   In 2014, we are touching it all because communications solutions encompass both WANS (Wide Area Networks) as well as LANS (Local Area Networks).

We offer a carefully vetted, robust selection of industry trusted equipment vendors.

Most of all, we represent smart, versatile providers of services, applications, virtualization, collaboration, wireless connectivity and mobility.  Since we continuously research, vet, train and certify the latest emerging technologies, we keep our portfolio of products fresh and leading edge.   We  purchase demonstration equipment and deploy services we offer our customers.   Consequently, we vet  products at Caleidoscope.  We test them by deploying them or our own business.  So, we understand that technology advantages provide solutions to complex voice and data problems.  We recommend hardware, software, voice and data solutions to effectively design and tailor fully redundant solutions for you.  Our goal is to your exceed  technology requirement expectations.  Especially relevant, we are  mindful of costs.  We provide choices of evergreen solutions.  Therefore, we are here to answer your questions about complex voice and data integrated technology solutions.

Caleidoscope is proud to  partner with  TAMCO and Northstar Leasing to assist in providing leasing and rental options to address OPEX  and CAPEX  needs.

Call us and learn more about ShoreTel UC premise-based solutions as well as ShoreTel Connect cloud solutions at 866.462.9259.