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Get started because the marketplace changes swiftly and we offer free consultations.   Our free consultation allows you to get started with a fresh perspective on your total communications platform.  You can benefit by allowing us to evaluate your present communications system.   Therefore, you can begin the process with a list of questions.  As a result, we evaluate your current communications platforms and pinpoint technology inefficiencies.

We create individualized customer voice and data solutions to drive unified communications and collaborations.   Hence, we introduce you to cloud phone systems like 8×8 or ShoreTel Connect.  We offer Unified Communications as a service.  We scale our designs to fit your needs. Especially relevant is that we perform a free consultation for small business, medium business, enterprise accounts, and customers with multiple locations.

What does it take to get started?  You can schedule your free consultation by calling us at 802-864-0300 and press 1 or email us at

What does a Free Consultation Provide?

First of all, select Caleidoscope as your trusted advisor. Therefore, you select the best solutions because we demystify your technology options. We broker solutions including hosted, hybrid, cloud, carrier, hardware, software or a mix of products and services. We manage your business communication needs.

You can benefit from a solution designed by Caleidoscope Solutions. As a result, you can expand your business’s communications capacities and, most of all, increase reliability. As a result, you realize your goals without breaking the budget.

Click through on any of the links below to read detailed information about our products by category. We are brokers of manufacturers, carriers and master agents.  Also, we offer a unique perspective that dedicated organizations cannot.   Our no cost consultation can provide you with a glimpse of extensive offerings in the comfort of your office.

We offer you a Unique Perspective.

Are you interested in cloud unified communications,  VoIP, managed, hybrid, or traditional phone systems?  Caleidoscope can help.

Caleidoscope is a broker of multiple communications products and services. Another benefit is that our free consultation provides you with insight into the extensive offerings available to you in the comfort of your office. Most noteworthy, we bring demo equipment to you so you can try it in the comfort of your own office.

We offer multiple choices or hybrid hosted phone systems and unified communications.  Most noteworthy, we compare Capex versus Opex costs.   Our customers remove fundamental pain points when they deploy our efficient designs.  Because we vet products, we ensure that you get what you pay for.

Business telephone systems solve business communication pain points.  Most noteworthy, once  you address your pain points, communications,  workflow, and conversations flow smoothly.  As a result, you achieve improved teamwork and problem-solving.   Therefore, no matter what size business you are or what current pain points you are experiencing, we can help.  Since we have decades of experience, you benefit from our experience.

Most of all, Caleidoscope Solutions provides a single point of contact for all business communications needs.  While our offices are in Burlington, Vermont and Bangor, Maine, we serve customers nationwide.  In conclusion, we deliver friendly local, regional and national expert.

Call us at 866-462-9259 or locally at 802.864.0300 and press 1.  In addition, you can email us  anytime at

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