Hosted Contact Center

What is a Hosted Contact Center?

Hosted Contact Center

Are you and your customers happy with your hosted contact center?

A Hosted Contact Center utilizes a PBX or a telephone system within a piece of equipment that switches calls between users on local lines while allowing all users to share a certain number of external phone lines.without in-house distribution equipment. In a hosted Call Center environment, the PBX, Automated Call Distributor (ACD) and related equipment are hosted by a third party.

Virtual Call Centers, also called “hosted contact centers,” enable workers to work in remote locations. Calls may come in and out via regular telephone lines or voice over IP (VoIP)

The need to control costs and the importance of improving the customer experience are emerging as crucial considerations you cannot afford to ignore in today’s fluid business environment. A flexible, scalable Hosted Contact Center solution offers powerful tools that can help businesses provide exceptional customer service without the big price tag.

Benefits of Hosted Contact Center Solutions

  • Can help to reduce call center costs
  • By design, can offer the kind of experience customers expect
  • Helps to ensure consistent customer treatment across multiple channels
  • Provides customer experiences that can reduce transfers and mishandled calls
  • Ensure delivery of relevant information to contact center agents and employees
  • Provides consistent reporting across multiple channels
  • Often can enable customers to create IVR applications in days instead of months

Some of the Hosted Contact Center providers that Caleidoscope recommends.

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