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Hosted Exchange

Small Business  – Keep your email secure with Hosted Products and Services!

Hosted Exchange is a Collaboration Service!

Caleidoscope Solutions offers a variety of providers to choose from should your company wish to have a third party manage your mail.  Hosted Exchange is a managed service that  assures you that your business email is protected against both inbound and outbound threats. With powerful anti-spam and anti-virus, Hosted Exchange protects your business systems from email infections. Hosted Exchange provides users with an easy-to-use control panel so that you can designate users, define appropriate services and features for them individually and maintain control of your employees email access and usage.  Hosted Exchange provides users with business productivity features including calendaring, contacts and document sharing.  Hosted Exchange  can also reduce email management costs, increase email reliability and up-time, and improve productivity for users with on-the-go email access and syncing from your tablets, iPhones® and other smartphones.

Hosted Exchange Providers we recommend include EarthLink.

With EarthLink Business Hosted Exchange, you have a highly differentiated Active Directory* solution that increases your business’s productivity and efficiency.

EarthLink Business Hosted Exchange Spec Sheet

Hosted Products we recommend for small business are DSCI’s UCx ProductsDSCI UCx

What is UCx?

UCx provides a full set of next-generation communications tools that not only replicate, but expedite the natural flow of communications. For example, an instant message can take the place of an impromptu meeting, and a video conference eliminates the need for business travel.

UCx seamlessly connects many powerful functions into one easy-to-use Unified Communications service.
UCx features give you the power to choose the right communications tool for every situation.

  • UCx Features – Voice
    Place and receive calls on your desk phone, mobile phone, or computer using your business line identity.
  • UCx Features – Video
    Instantly start high-quality video calls using the camera on your computer, desk phone, or mobile phone.
  • UCx Features – Instant Messaging
    Instant Messaging
    Chat and share files with anyone in your company. Move a chat to voice or video at any time with a single click.
  • UCx Features – Presence
    See if your contacts are available for communication. Your own status automatically updates to “busy” when you’re on a call or in a meeting.
  • UCx Features – Desktop Sharing
    Desktop Sharing
    Instantly share your desktop without having to move your meeting to another platform.
  • UCx Features – Mobility
    With iPhone and Android apps, you can access the UCx service from your smartphone with full functionality.
  • UCx Features – Collaboration
    Invite others to join your own personal collaboration room, even if they are not UCx users.
  • UCx Features – Integration
    UCx seamlessly integrates with third-party applications and services to help streamline your business processes.

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Remember, as a broker of communications solutions, Caleidoscope can help demystify technology and provide simple answers to complex questions about today’s changing technology world.

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