Integrated Access

What is Integrated Access in Telecommunications Services?

Integrated Access is an AT&T term for the provision of access for multiple services such as voice and data through a single system built on common principles and providing similar service features for the different classes of service.

Integrated Access is provided over a T-1 circuit that can be used to transfer data, access the Internet and have real-time, two-way voice calls via IP. Integrated Access provides a simple solution that combines both voice and data over the same circuit. Additional features are integrated into the product to assist in running your business more efficiently.  Integrated Access allows transition from standard telephone service to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) without the need to replace current telephony equipment. With dynamically allocated voice bandwidth on demand, Integrated Access offers the opportunity to build a solid, stable communications foundation that will grow with your expanding business needs and provide the competitive edge to succeed in the marketplace.

Integrated Access Devices are specifically designed for converged IP or TDM voice and data services including Internet access, corporate voice and data, and video applications.  An Integrated Access Device (or IAD) is a customer premise device that provides access to wide are networks (WANs) and the Internet.  It also aggregates multiple channels of information including voice and data across a single shared access link to a carrier or service provider Point of Presence. The access link may be a T1, a DSL connection, a cable modem, a wireless broadband line, or an Ethernet connection. Integrated Access is an industry-leading method to create converged services and circuit consolidation solutions that reduces overall network and telecom expenses and provides a migration path to additional network services such as VoIP.

While several carriers have eliminated this service from their offerings as new hosted and VoIP technologies come into play, EarthLink Business continues to offer this unique solution.  For small businesses with a need to economize, EarthLink Business Line Side services can be a great solution.


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Integrated Access