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Large Business Focus on Security! 

Large Business FocusLevel 3’s Security Promotion is our Large Business Focus

Managed Security Service, Email, and Web DefensePromotion

Today’s cybersecurity landscape is changing rapidly. The threats are real and they can impact your business relationships, revenue streams, share value and brand reputation. Level 3 has well-established network security and in-house expertise to provide 24 x 7 service monitoring, management, and technical support. Level 3 has the experience, expertise, and technology to provide you with more security and less complexity. Level 3’s portfolio of infrastructure, network, application and content security services help you to be prepared for global threats and attacks.

During Level 3’s Security product promotion (March 6, 2015 through December 31, 2015), you can take advantage of promotional pricing opportunities across Level 3® Managed Security Service (“MSS”) and Level 3® Email and Web Defense Services.   Contact Caleidoscope Solutions for details.  Some restrictions may apply.

Level 3 security services and products are far too numerous to detail.  Please contact a Caleidoscope Solutions Network Consultant to start a conversation about Large Business Focus on security.  Call us at 866-462-9259 to ask to speak with one of our seasoned  Network Consultants.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss your business with you.  We are eager to share our expertise, experience, and guidance.  Caleidoscope Solutions is an authorized Level 3 representative.

Please call us today at 866-462-9259 or complete a contact form on this site and check out Caleidoscope’s  Level 3 web page.