Maine Customer Appreciation Letter

Appreciation Letter from our Maine Customer

We work hard for your appreciation!  We are thrilled when a customer reaches out to us and sends us a letter expressing their thanks and appreciation.

Caleidoscope designed and implemented a voice and data network solution in six locations in Maine for Life by Design utilizing Time Warner for Internet and GWI for hosted voice.  The customer recently acknowledged our work above and beyond their expectations when they ran into a glitch with the service.   We wanted to share their appreciation letter to Caleidoscope Solutions with you.

LifebyDesign Customer Appreciation Letter




Life by Design’s Letter of Appreciation


Dear Steve,

I deeply appreciate your stepping up to the plate and helping Life By Design with getting our e-mail routing problem with the GWI-DNS server straightened out yesterday. The GWI Aroostook County service Tech, Chris McCoy was also very instrumental in helping solve the problem. This was a problem when Life By Design opened for business Monday morning {8-11-2014} and within a short time, all the sites served by GWI reported the same e-mail problem.

Jeff Landeen from Life By Design tried to straighten it out.  He was unsuccessful even after days of chasing the problem.  In addition, we tended to side with our e-mail provider as the two sites served by Time Warner were working fine. This may sound trivial but the Life By Design internal company communication is now about 95% digital.  For one and one-half days our providers could not access needed information. Life By Design did have one admin with complete access to all e-mails working at one of the offices served by Time Warner.

As a result,she spent most of this time printing off requested e-mails and faxing them to the appropriate offices. I was barraged with complaints from our providers about low production rates during this time period.  We are grateful that you and the GWI service tech that fixed the problem.   You fixed it in three hours.  So, please feel free to pass this letter on.   Most of all,  Steve, I want to express my deep appreciation to you and Chris for coming to Life By Design’s rescue as we were going nowhere fast with GWI internal support.

Respectfully Submitted,

Blair McCartney

Facilities Manager Life By Design P.A.

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