Managed Premises Firewall

Managed Premises Firewall Service is a Managed Service Offering.

A Managed Premises Firewall Service helps stop malicious activity at the perimeter of your network.  Managed Premises Firewall Service traditionally includes on-premises hardware and software components for each location along with end-to-end protection that can be customized for your business.   Premises-Based Network Firewall Services  use the latest security technology to provide managed security services—from premise-based Firewall to point-to-point Virtual Private Network services and secure remote access from any public IP connection.

The Managed Premises Firewall  solution should provide advanced firewall appliances based on industry leading, best-of-breed technology vendors. These vendors consistently lead the market in delivering best in quality manageability, rich feature sets, and excellent price performance. Market strength should suggests that they will remain optimal suppliers of these technologies through the life of the contract. The Managed Premises Firewall Service is a solution that should be scalable to meet the requirements of all sizes businesses, business challenges, pain points and complexity.  Premises-Based Firewall Services use stateful inspection methods to filter/block unwanted/malicious traffic from the secured network and is based on the deployment of hardware and/or software to a physical location.

The Managed Premises Firewall solution is based on proven technology that safeguards internal networks and systems from hostile activity. This protects critical data from compromise and tampering.

Caleidoscope Solutions recommended Managed Premises Firewall Services include:

Managed Premises Firewall

  • Procurement of the Equipment
  • Staging, physical installation and configuration of the Equipment
  • Management and monitoring (on a 24 x 7 basis)  the Equipment (via auto-notification and direct notification by a technical assistance engineer
  • Trouble resolution, device fault and configuration management
  • Network fault isolation and management.

Some of the providers Caleidoscope offers for Managed Premises Firewall services include:

EarthLink Business Managed Premises Router

DSCI FortiGate Firewalls

GWI Managed Network Security

Level 3 Managed Network Services