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EarthLink Business Secure Storefront Secure Storefront from EarthLink Business

When you deploy EarthLink Business Secure Storefront, you identify and prevent security vulnerabilities before they become a threat. Caleidoscope is an Earthlink Business Partner. We assist our customers in the design and deployment of technology solutions utilizing our vetted, cohesive carrier partners where we advise you about specific, targeted products and services choices to help our customers run their business more efficiently and effectively.

Earthlink Business Secure Storefront keeps a constant watch on your network which allows you to spend time focusing on your business. It requires a lot of time to remain current with all the new network attack techniques. When you work with EarthLink, your networks will be constantly monitored and actively protected from breach attempts.


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Utilize Caleidoscope and EarthLink Secure Storefront, your networks will be constantly monitored and actively protected from breach attempts.

Deployment of EarthLink Business Secure Storefront helps retailers to improve the customer experience and capture business intelligence.  We think that capturing customer intelligence is a great way to help you target customers and grow revenue.

EarthLink Business provides the service that perhaps you are attempting to do along with your many other jobs or that you are paying someone on staff to help your business stay abreast of.  Network data breaches are a focus of many businesses large and small.  Protecting your data and your customer’s data should be a service your retail store provides.  EarthLink’s Secure Storefront helps you provide the service for a low monthly fee and could possibly help eliminate overhead associated with employees assigned to manage the work.

EarthLink Business Storefront can help leverage secure Wi-Fi to provide a better customer experience while also getting greater visibility into the technology changes and challenges.


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