Network-Based Security Options

Network-Based Security OptionsSecurity Options

Most of all, you need network-based security options backed by advanced threat intelligence and security experts.

Your business is facing some astounding security challenges.    The practice of BYOB or Bring Your Own Bandwidth exacerbates your need to make sure that your network, firewall, switches, routers, thumb drives, laptops, I-pads, workstations, servers, smartphones are secure.   Your employees may use  a variety of devices  at your business (with or without your knowledge) to access vital information.  Consequently, this practice puts your company at risk for vicious cyber-attacks that have the ability to put you out of business.

Cyber criminals may attack your business network via wearable devices, employees’ home systems,  shared thumb drives, field/office laptops that are used in the office, in the field, and at home,  shared hybrid cloud services and even smart automobiles.  Hence, network-based security options are a tried and true investment to protect your business against security threats.

What to do?

First of all, a good place to start is to publish employee Internet policies.  Once published, have each employee sign their acknowledgement of your policies.   So, make a list and publish for your employees that spell out the do’s and don’ts of Wi-Fi,  file hosting services, thumb drives,  smartphones, and tablets.

Especially relevant, you can call Caleidoscope and talk to us about Network-Based Security Options.

Many of our partner vendors offer business grade virus protection for laptops, servers and PC’s.   So, rather than contemplating a budget that includes one, two or ten full-time employees to manage the security threats, why not look at other options?

Network-based security options have advantages.

Because we offer services from leading, user-friendly carriers, you allow experts to do the job for you.   Since we provide this consultative service at no additional cost to you, you have the added benefit of alleviating expenses associated with hiring, managing and paying taxes for dedicated employees.  Therefore, some of our favored, personally vetted, network-based security options  include:

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DSCI Hosted Communications UCx Group Features

GWI Managed Network Security

OTT Reliable Networks Endpoint Security

You can call Caleidoscope Solutions and ask our team about network-based security options.

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