Troubleshoot to Avoid Downtime

Troubleshoot, Escalate, and Resolve Voice, Data, Internet and Phone Problems

How to Troubleshoot, Escalate and Resolve a  Service Outage?

No one can afford downtime.    While no one in charge of purchasing technology products and services wants to fast forward to the day that their services fail, but network outages and failures are more common that people would like to believe.   For many of our customers, at  some point in time, and through no fault of your own, your network could go out of service.  This could include your company’s telephones,  cell services, Internet and data connections.  There could be pieces that  work and others that don’t or everything could go out of service at the same town as was the case when natural disasters in New England from tropical storm Irene and in New York when Hurricane Sandy hit. Leaning to troubleshoot is easy.

If you are the person relegated to managing your communications network, there will be a lot of pressure from your peers and your managers and perhaps the owner of the company to get everything back up and running as soon as humanly possible.

Downtime is very expensive.  It costs businesses in loss of productivity, loss of communications with customers and vendors, and most importantly, has potential for your company to lose revenue.

If you are the professional responsible for resolving the issue or issues, you will need to act quickly and know how to troubleshoot. What is most important is that you remain focused and stay calm? What steps would you take to troubleshoot the issue?  Please read our steps on how to resolve voice, data, and Internet and telecom issues based on our decades of experience.

Tried and True Tips on how to troubleshoot, log, and  report service issues as well as how to ESCALATE through to resolution!

  • Make certain that you know and have documentation of all of your service providers including Customer Service telephone numbers and/or e-mail addresses.
  • Create a folder that documents all providers and includes all billing telephone numbers, service providers, circuit ID’s, provider names for various piece parts for hardware, software, Internet, voice, data and include names and contact numbers of your vendors including Caleidoscope.
  • For each incident, once you do basic troubleshooting, start a memo or notepad entry that documents every person you speak to, including their name and title, a call back number if you are disconnected, and a time period for when that person will be back in touch with you.
  • If the person you speak to does not return your contact within the amount of time you and the provider agree to, as the contact who is the next person you can escalate the problem to including their name, title, and contact number.  Do not be meek, angry, or non-communicative.  Most providers want to help.  The key is documentation, documentation, documentation.

Here are some great tips on how to troubleshoot communications technology solutions:

• Verify power and equipment.

• For data trouble, have you tried rebooting the router?

• Make note of specific trouble; is there a dial tone? Do you hear an “intercept” message, and if yes, what does it say? Is trouble on all lines or a specific line? Does the trouble happen when making local or long distance calls?

• Call your service provider’s repair department. Be ready to provide contact name and phone number, and hours that facility can be accessed by Phone Company.

• Write down the trouble ticket number provided by the repair department.

Ask for the name of the person you speak with and whether they have a direct call back number. Ask the repair operator to call you back within an hour and provide you with status on the repair ticket number. If your service is not restored within a reasonable amount of time, please as to speak with a manager and keep escalating.

Caleidoscope keeps an updated list of service provider contact telephone numbers on our website.  Click HERE to view the listings.

Call Caleidoscope’s Service Team knows how to troubleshoot; if you need assistance, or need help escalating to a manager, call us. We are standing by to assist during normal business hours, 8:30 to 5:30 Monday through Friday. After Hours equipment customers can dial the number given to them by their Caleidoscope Customer Premise Equipment Team member.