ShoreTel Connect VoIP

ShoreTel Connect VoIPShoreTel Connect VoIP Offers Better Calls, Better Service

Use ShoreTel Connect VoIP to Turn Your Phone System into a Communications Engine

ShoreTel  offers complete convergence between the premise and hosted systems, and a new ShoreTel Connect VoIP Communicator.

Whether the system is premise-based or not (switches provide voice redundancy), hosted seats will be transparent to the organization, and have all of the attributes, including fully-integrated Call Center. The new UC clients (Connect), will provide enhanced UC functionality within the pricing.

Since 2000, ShoreTel Connect VoIP has redefined what a phone system can do. Our business VoIP service provides thousands of companies with an enterprise-class phone system packed with features that help your company become more efficient, more mobile and more productive. ShoreTel Connect’s cloud based solutions provide businesses ultimate flexibility, connectivity and seamless integration with their business-critical applications. We provide the phone system and the phone service, streamlining billing, support and administration. Your phone system can do more. We want to show you how.

What is Business VoIP & Why Should You Care?

VoIP is simply a technology that converts sound into digital voice communication and transfers it using the same technology that powers the Internet. VoIP for business is gaining in popularity and many providers are jumping on the bandwagon. Our VoIP solution for business is hosted in the cloud and is often preferred over traditional land lines, hardware-based VoIP or even basic hosted VoIP services because it:

  • Includes robust calling features that enable staff to be more efficient and productive
  • Provides greater mobility for remote users who only need the internet to connect
  • Offers greater flexibility for organizations needing to move offices, open new locations or ramp up/down staff quickly
  • Requires less resources to support, maintain and administer your phone service, allowing you to focus on your business instead of the phones or dealing with phone companies

Why Use ShoreTel Connect VoIP for Business?

As a leading business VoIP PBX provider, we give you superior call quality and renowned service throughout the transition, implementation and ongoing use of the technology. We continually invest in innovation based on technology trends, research and customer feedback to make sure our products provide our clients with the latest technology and are tailored to their needs. ShoreTel Connect VoIP includes:

ShoreTel Connect VoIP offers rich business  VoIP Phone System Features

  • More than 90 enterprise-level phone features are included with Business VoIP at no additional charge
  • Several optional features, including call recording, on-demand conferencing, voicemail to email transcription and fax to email

With ShoreTel Connect VoIP, you have comprehensive Unified Communications

  • Streamlines communications
  • Collaborate any way you need (softphones, BYOD, chat, share desktops, etc.)
  • Use your smartphone just as you would your office desk phone
  • Never miss an important call or message
  • Read your voicemails delivered to your email inbox
  • Helps increase sales, customer satisfaction and operational efficiencies

ShoreTel Connet VoIP offers Complete 3rd Party Application Integrations

  • CRM/ERP (e.g., Netsuite, Sage, etc.)
  • Applicant Tracking (e.g. Bullhorn, JobDiva, Sendouts, MaxHire, etc.)
  • Click-to-dial from all major browsers
  • Phone to App API for integration with other packaged solutions

Rich Data Mining Intelligence is a feature of ShoreTel Connect

  • Easy-to-use web interface to set preferences and monitor activity
  • Call metrics, including sales performance, service levels and staffing efficiency
  • Phone-based Business Intelligence and Analytics with detailed reports and dashboards

Not all Business VoIP is Created Equally

Many companies offer VoIP for businesses, but only ShoreTel Connect VoIP includes a variety of advanced, easy-to-use applications to fully unify corporate communications while guaranteeing call quality and service. We take the time to learn about your environment, requirements and infrastructure to custom design a scalable communications platform that fits your current and potential future needs.

  • Hosted – We offer Business VoIP without installing bulky physical equipment onsite at your location(s), except the phones and a single router. The full-feature phones install in minutes, there is no hardware for you to maintain and administrative functions can be managed using a browser-based Web portal on the Internet.
  • Cloud – Turn your phone system into a software-based service that we host in our secure data centers similar to other SaaS applications, such as Let us own and manage the system – and the upgrades – so you can leverage the latest technology without continually investing more capital. Add users only as needed, and offer them true mobility, robust calling features and reliable service.
  • Managed – Let us provide and be responsible for the phones, business VoIP services, applications, and data connection from our data centers to your location(s) so you are guaranteed superior call quality and service. Instead of routing your calls over the public Internet, ShoreTel Connect VoIP uses a private data line to give you your own “HOV” lane to the phone carrier, eliminating slow connections or service interruptions.