Team Leaders Set Caleidoscope Apart

Team Leaders at Caleidoscope Solutions are Industry Professionals.

Team leaders are the most important part of any company structure.

Because team leaders set standards for company staff to emulate, they strive to better their skill sets constantly.

Loretta Roby, founder, and owner, and Zoltan Keve, V.P, and owner of Caleidoscope are Caleidoscope’s owners and team leaders.

Executive Operations Management

Loretta Roby Business People Cover

Loretta Roby is passionate about bringing excellence to her customer’s experience.  Loretta was President of Vermont Telecom Network Services Corp for over 10 years prior to founding Caleidoscope in 2001.

Loretta is directly involved in all aspects of her Company’s operations.  She works hard to create a corporate culture that focuses on supporting the company’s team leaders.  Therefore, her desire for each customer experience to be excellent becomes each employee’s mission.  She makes communications, technology, innovation and learning her priority.  She oversees the management of vendor, customer and employee relationships.  In addition, she manages marketing, business planning, and social media.  As a result, customer satisfaction is her number one ambition.   She works at improving the company’s marketing and brand.

She served on the VT Chamber Board for three years.  Loretta participated as a member of a large national CLECs’ advisory board.  She attended Art School at the Montreal and Boston.

Executive Strategic Management

Caleidoscope Solutions Team Leaders

Zoltan Keve, V.P. and Managing Partner

A graduate of UVM, Zoltan Keve is the Vice President of Sales and Managing Partner of Caleidoscope Solutions.    He and Loretta began working together when Zoltan owned Network Services Corporation.   Consequently, Loretta and Zoltan have been working together to serve customers in New York and New England for decades.  Zoltan’s focus is on team sales, product selection, market and pricing strategies.  Especially relevant is the fact that he manages product selection, research and development, and most of all, he manages our team of sales representatives including third party subcontractors.  Zoltan provides direct support to Caleidoscope Solutions larger customers. He is always raising the bar higher.  In addition, he offers emerging technology solutions to our growing customer base.  Zoltan provides direction and market analysis to the company.  He makes a significant contribution to Caleidoscope Solutions top line sales.


Steve Luzzi, Bangor, Maine

Senior Account Executive, Steve Luzzi

 Steve Luzzi is Caleidoscope’s Senior Account Executive and, furthermore,  a former Veteran.  He is one of Caleidoscope’s team leaders.  He represents Caleidoscope in Maine and New Hampshire.   Steve serves customers as Caleidoscope’s unbiased broker of diversified communications technology solutions.  Especially relevant, he is a trusted advisor for his customers.  Steve specializes in business continuity and mission-critical technologies.   Steve provides considerable value to businesses in Maine.   He is a certified Adtran and Ruckus sales professional.

Steve was the recipient of three Verizon’s Achievers club awards and Expanets National Achievers club award recipient.  Steve’s experience in the technology field coupled with his straight forward, honest approach to business customers has set him apart from the crowd.

He states, “I always put the customer needs ahead of all else”.  Steve’s goals are to stay up to date and remain a rich resource for his extensive customer base.


Jon Isaacson is Caleidoscope Solutions Controller.   Jon was a corporate controller for various companies in Vermont and Oregon for the past twenty plus years prior to joining Caleidoscope Solutions.   Most noteworthy, Jon is responsible for all financial matters including business financial forecasts,  budgeting, accounting statements and reporting, commission tracking,  payments to third-party vendors, equipment invoicing, and management of insurance and  retirement accounts.

Most of all, Jon is responsible for all financial matters including business plan forecasting,  budgeting, accounting statements and reporting, commission tracking and payments to third-party vendors.  Another job he does is track commissions while he provides the company with timely financial reports.  Finally, he oversees the company’s insurance needs and company benefits including retirement accounts.  So his skills help the company plan for the future and prepare for tax reporting.  Jon’s Team Leader attention to detail gets the job done.

Jon Isaacson, Caleidoscope Controller

Jon Isaacson, Caleidoscope Controller








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