Teamwork is our Focus

Teamwork Focus

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Loretta Roby

Our teamwork focus is our corporate culture.   First of all, people work best when they share, collaborate and work together.  Because of our teamwork focus, our employees effectively help each other.  Effective teams are an intermediary goal towards achieving positive sustainable results.  Teamwork can sustain efforts through training and cross-training to help our team to work more effectively and accomplish our shared goals.  We can work together seamlessly by using the products we sell:  mobility, presence, collaboration.  Since these tools work whether colleagues are present or absent, they foster teamwork.

Most of all, when we focus on teamwork, we strengthen our ability to:

Listen – we know that it is critical to listen to other people’s ideas.

Question – it is important to ask questions, interact, and discuss the objectives of the team.  – our staff are encouraged to exchange, defend, and then to ultimately rethink their ideas.

Respect – our corporate culture demands that we treat others with respect and to support their ideas.

Help –  because it is crucial to help one’s coworkers, we start our employees with a mission of sharing information.

Share – therefore,  it is important to share with other team members in order to create an environment of teamwork.

Participate – all members of our team are encouraged to participate.  Therefore, as a result of participating, we collectively support our customers

Communicate  –  so for teamwork to become the essential go-to  tool for your employees, the members must acquire and retain communication skills.  They must define and practice effective communications between one another.  They must cover the work of a team member who is occupied or otherwise unavailable.

How we Implement our Solution?

Teamwork:   Most noteworthy, at Caleidoscope, our corporate culture is all about working together.

Especially relevant, Caleidoscope follows these standards to support our mission:

  • We hire and retain seasoned industry professionals.
  • We conduct initial and ongoing sales interviews with our customers.
  • So, our practice is to perform pre-installation product orientation for key products
  • Since we require high training standards and certifications for all employees, our employees maintain industry certifications.
  • Our support team utilizes multiple layers of communication technology including Instant Messaging, VoIP, e-mail, web seminars,  onsite training by leading industry experts,
  • We use an in-house “wiki” to track contact information for all our equipment and network partners
  • We designed, built, deployed and use a proprietary CRM.
  • We co-market with valued partners
  • Onsite testing is part of our deployment practices
  • Since we use the technology we sell to our customers,we are expert at troubleshooting problem.
  • We make use of our partner’s web portals to stay up to date with their latest product offerings and training

Most of all, our staff is courteous and professional, responsive and knowledgeable.  We depend on that and so should you,

At Caleidoscope Solutions, we believe in active participation in organizations that support and represent the community where we work and live.  Most noteworthy, we are members of and support the following organizations.