UC offers great business choices!

UC  Can Boost Productivity

Can UC Increase Productivity?

UC or Unified Communications can be provisioned via on-premise hardware products like ShoreTel or via Hosted products like Exchange.  You can also deploy via application software or via Hosted (Cloud) Services. UC is not a single product but encompasses all forms of communications that are exchanged via a network. UC’s functionality includes Call Control – routing calls efficiently and effectively to the proper recipient, and multimodal communications (voice, video, chat, IM, email). UC applications.

Important UC Features Include:

  • Presence –  identify and locate other users on your system and check their availability.  As a result, they can contact other users on their preferred device.
  • Instant Messaging/Chat technology – this feature provides a communications alternative to traditional telephone calls or video conferences that are less-intrusive and enables a quick exchange of information.   IM is also known as chat technology.   IM or  Instant Messaging works by sending real-time messages to another Internet user.   The technology is similar to text messaging on a cell phone.  Employees can communicate quickly with each other when they use IM .
  • Unified messaging – this feature provides non-real time communication over different media.  Use media including e-mail, SMS, Fax, voicemail, and video messaging
  • Conferencing – Audio, web and video.  Especially relevant,  you can utilize conference and video solutions to save time and money.   Therefore, you can utilize Conferencing, whether it is audio, web or video solutions  to benefit your organization by reducing travel costs.  As a result, you increase productivity and support environmental initiatives
  • Data Sharing – you and your employees have access to web connected electronic whiteboards and interactive whiteboards.  Hence, data sharing  is delivered on a virtualized architecture.  This feature  enables users to support collaboration services without compromising security, flexibility, and management or application functionality. You can have all of this while freeing up  IT staff to work on other initiatives.

What else does UC Include?

  • Collaboration –  allows you to your to reach subject matter experts in real-time, regardless of their physical location.   With UC, you can share ideas and information.  Collaboration is an essential tool for every team member.  It promotes your organization’s growth.  Therefore, we  can help you  implement a seamless, sophisticated solution system.  These systems encourage collaboration by way of email, social media, instant messaging, and more!
  • Soft Phones – you can utilize your computer to send/receive calls, perform desktop video conferencing, and use advanced call forwarding.   Your workers can perform web-browser by using call routing via the Mobility feature.  Furthermore, use smartphones to make and receive VoIP calls, via Wi-Fi or cell data networks.
  • Smart Directories –  provides your staff with Online Smart Directories.  This feature enables a desktop view of any person or extension in the enterprise for an easy view of staff availability.  View staff availability with simple search features.
  • Business Process Integration –   enables workflow and business process optimization.

Why UC?

Most of all, when your workers can collaborate more easily when you  provide them with the tools they need to communicate.  They can also be more productive.  So, when you deploy a UC business phone system, you help your workers get t the job done.  We are your local expert resource.   Caleidoscope  helps you choose communications technology solutions from a variety of providers.  We can customize your  design specifically for your company. Caleidoscope can assist with UC deployment and employee training.

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