Unified Communications Benefits

Unified Communications can Benefit You.

unified communications

Unified Communications benefits are real.  First of all, there are finally products and services that do not attempt to put a square peg in a round hole. Furthermore, Caleidoscope specializes in Unified Communications Solutions for businesses of all size.  Most of all, we are brokers of multiple providers and multiple vendors.   Finally, we offer choices.

We ensure that the solution we propose is the solution that serves you now and for years to come.  We know this because we demonstrate, question, and listen to the needs of business owners (large and small).  And we don’t stop there.  We also speak with other company decision makers including  IT Managers, CTO’s CFO’s, CEO’s and boards,   So, the purpose of our unique perspective and design is to address growing needs,  pain points, technology challenges, and visionary dreams.

Our UC products offer selective products and services that we customize to fit your needs. UC products are diverse and flexible.  Therefore, Unified Communications challenges you to manage the seamless integration of services to create a telecommunications vision that meets your needs and solves your problems.


What Features are Available with UC?

Here is a simple list of UC features.

• You can have high-quality voice services for local and long distance

• We help you select and deploy Internet access and data network connections

• We offer options for equipment you need for your solution

• We can explain what hosted solutions are and how they can benefit you

• We offer a variety of managed solutions by various carriers

•  We know that redundant services must always be part of the conversation.  Our goal for your organization is 99.999% uptime!

•  Also, we offer Project Management services

• We  help you customize  and design, development and administration a database that integrates with your UC

•  Our goal is to custom design and implement a solution that brings together all the piecesof the technology puzzle.

unified communications

Finally, Caleidoscope designs Unified Communications to ensure that the technology we  design and deploy is integrated and redundant.

Most noteworthy, when you change to a single element in your technology solutions platform, you create an entirely new design.

What are the advantages of Unified Communications?

Are redundant services superfluous or essential?  As yourself these questions.

Most of all, can you picture your company enjoying the benefits of using Unified Communications?

You can only answer the question by calculating the risk of loss (real money and intangibles) assumed when your service fails.

Loss of immediate revenues – are you the sole provider of the goods and/or services you offer your customers?

Competitive opening – did your outage introduce or increase an opportunity for your competitor that did not exist prior to the outage?

Most of all, risk of return – what is the likelihood that your customer will call back later (when your system is restored)?

Product Image – Is a smooth running business important to your business image?

Customer Satisfaction – Most of all, how Important is your customer’s experience doing business with you?

Productivity – How much money do you spend in 2 hours on salaries while your Contact Center sits idle?

Human resources – Therefore, what impact does technology failure have on employee morale and attitude?

Peril – So, how likely is it for your carrier to fail?  And, for what reason?  And for how long?  2 hours? 2 days?

Safety and liability – What are  Public and Company Safety implications of your service failure?

Caleidoscope and UC

Caleidoscope’s offices are located in Burlington, Vermont (on the shores of Lake Champlain) and in Maine.  We offer  unique Unified Communications Solutions.  We seek customers willing  to  incorporate innovative technology into their day to day business activities and spark company-wide innovations.

Especially relevant, Caleidoscope’s solutionsoffer you a breath of fresh air in the telecommunications solutions marketplace.   So, we invite you to take the challenge!  If you engage Caleidoscope for an on-site demo,  you can see the features and benefits in the comfort of your office!  As a result,  you will send your analog solutions packing.

Call us today at 866.462.9259 or email us at info@mycaleidoscope.com so we can get started!

unified communications benefits

Caleidoscope offers a Breath of Fresh Air in Telecommunication Solutions