Vermont 2-1-1 Moves Contact Center

Vermont 2-1-1

Vermont 2-1-1 Moves Contact Center to New Facilities

Vermont 2-1-1 (United Way of Vermont’s statewide Information & Referral Program) expanded into new facilities in Essex Junction.   Therefore, the challenge was to find an alternative solution for their technology needs versus move a ten-year-old legacy phone system and Call Center.

VT 2-1-1 enlisted Caleidoscope Solutions to create a new system that would deliver all the features and benefits necessary to make VT 2-1-1 a premier contact center.

“I knew that Caleidoscope would help us find the best solution for our needs.  I believe in Caleidoscope, and their abilities”.

                Sarah Lee- Contact Center Manager

Therefore, Caleidoscope reviewed the needs of the call center and consulted on a solution after interviewing key stakeholders and physically inspecting the new center site.   So, Caleidoscope Solutions worked closely with VT 2-1-1’s existing IT support team, Internet and telephone service providers.  Most noteworthy, Caleidoscope Solutions designed a hosted PBX (VoIP) cloud solution that included a complete Contact Center.

After reviewing and considering several vendors, Caleidoscope recommended DSCI, the region’s largest, award winning Hosted PBX provider.  While some of the other technologies included premise based and 100% cloud solutions, DSCI’s solution best fit Vermont 2-1-1’s needs.  Caleidoscope assisted in the facilitation of the  VT 2-1-1 agreement.   As a result, Caleidoscope helped VT-2-1-1 negotiate the best prices and agreement.


“We chose DSCI Hosted PBX Contact Center.  For less than what we previously paid each month, we now have a brand-new state-of-the-art Contact Center that performs.  That’s smart business”

                 Mary Ellen Mendl –Executive Director 

Especially relevant, an additional challenge of the project was a very short deployment window.  The project transitioned quickly from design and contract to a fully-functioning Contact Center in four weeks.

DSCI and Caleidoscope Solutions worked closely with the customer, planned each user station, and delivered a plan to move an office and Contact Center while calling was in full production.  Caleidoscope engineered the solution that made this reality.

“Vermont 2-1-1 is a 24/7/365 day mission-critical service to Vermont citizens and institutions.  We have zero-tolerance for call failure or interruptions”

                Sarah Lee- Contact Center Manager

A United Ways of Vermont non-profit organization since 2005, Vermont 2-1-1 has been providing critical support and referrals to Vermont’s citizens and participating organizations.

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