VoIP UC Pre-purchase Questions

VoIP UC System

VoIP UC pre-purchase questions.

VoIP Unified Communications Phone Systems are a worthwhile investment.  As specific VoIP UC questions before you purchase.   Most of all, you need to understand the answers.   When you focus on the details before you deploy your new phone system, you can alleviate problems down the road.  Therefore,  “The devil is in the details.”

Since many businesses rely on Caleidoscope Solutions to perform a pre-purchase analysis, understand the impact your new communications system has on every member of your team.  When you understand the ins and outs of the product, you empower your company and your team.  We are here to help.  Furthermore, we provide clear answers to complicated questions about cloud services, VoIP UC systems, data and hosted services.  Most of all, we are your local, trusted advisor.

Hosted UC technology provides a single platform that you can manage and make work for your business.

So one of the first questions to ask is what will your new phone system cost on a per user basis.    Depending on whether you are choosing between purchasing a server-based communications platform or purchase a cloud or hosted solution where phone sets are provided by the VoIP cloud provider, ask about who manages details like moves, adds and changes.  Are they handled by you or by the provider?  Since other programmable features are taken care by the hosting company that you contract with, you will want to understand the contract terms and conditions and the price per user.  Consequently, no matter which platform you choose, you need to understand answers to the following key questions.

  • First of all, what is the price per user?
  • How long is the contract term?
  • If I don’t like my new system or it does not work as proposed, what happens? 
  • How will you access your new VoIP System?
  • In addition,  will the new system allow:
    • Access via field computers?
    • Access via desk phones?
    • Access via smart phones?
    • Access via chat?

Who is the service provider company?  What do you know about the company?

  1. Does my new system come with a guarantee?
  2. If I have a service contract and I  am supported by a service center, where is the service center physically located.   What time zone is it physically located in?
  3. Do the service representatives speak English as their first language?
  4. What is the corporate structure of the new systems company; how long has the compay or parent company been in business?   Who owns it?  It it local?  Is it a USA company?
  5. What are the Customer Service Hours if I need help?
  6. Do I know who to call after hours or weekends and how to open a repair ticket?

System Voice Related Questions:  

How many minutes are allowed per line per month?
Is Call Forwarding is a standard feature?
Does the system provide Call Logs?
Is Call Transfer a standard feature?
Is Call Waiting a standard feature?
When people call me, what are my choices for Caller-ID both when I call out and?
Can I create Custom Tagging and/or Answering Rules
Is Dial-by-name Directory an easy, programmable feature?
Does the system include Local Number Portability?
Can I have Music on Hold?
Is Automatic Callback an available feature?
Will my system come with an Auto-Attendant (also known as a Virtual Receptionist)?
Is Call Blocking available?
Can I Conference Calls?

Questions About the System Functionality:

What does the contract provide for On-line Backup and Storage?
Is Priority Alert a feature I have access to?
Can I enable Privacy for conversations I do not wish others to hear?
Is Push-to-Talk a feature that is available?
Does my system allow Seven-Digit Dialing?
What kind of Inbox will I see on my dashboard?  Is it a Unified Inbox?
Does my new system come with Outbound Call Control?
Is Outlook Integration a feature?
Can my workers use Remote Office (Work from Anywhere) to have calls find them and follow them?
Does my system offer Video on Hold?
Can I have Virtual Extensions?
Is Call Recording (on-demand) available?
Does my system offer Group Intercom?
Is Call Queuing (ACD) part of the package of features?

Get into the Weeds with these Questions.

So what kind of Switchboard Software is used and will it integrate with other software I may currently be using?
Will I be able to Fax via the Internet?
Can I have Toll-Free Numbers and if so, how much will they cost?
Can I have Virtual Mailboxes as part of my system and can they be provisioned after purchase?  If so, how much do they cost per month?
I need each person with a phone to be able to record a Professional Greeting and be able to change it every day.  Is that a feature?
In addition, will my new system support iOS Apps?
Is Android App Support available?
Can my system integrate with my Salesforce.com account?

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Most of all, we can answer these questions.   Since we understand the features and functionalities of a VoIP UC System, we can help.  We can explain how deploying unified communications via VoIP UC will streamline communications within your company.

Since you need to understand the ins and outs of the product because you are about to invest in it, why not use our free consultation?   Furthermore, we provide clear answers to complicated questions about cloud services, VoIP UC systems, and hosted services.  Since we are your local resource, we provide you with simple answers to complex questions about voice, data and cloud services.

Consequently hosted VoIP UC services provide you with the technology you need in a single platform.   Especially relevant,  once you understand the power of UC, you can manage and make work for you and your team.


Most noteworthy, once you understand the technology that drives your VoIP UC system,  you will want to understand the ROI.  Ask what the new phone system costs on a per user basis.   Depending on whether you choose Opex or CapEx financing options  when you purchase  a VoIP UC server-based communications platform or VoIP UC  cloud solution,  explore your choices thoroughly.

First of all, ask whether moves, adds, and changes are handled by the provider and if there are associated costs.  Also, ask whether other programmable feature changes  are taken care by the hosting company that you contract with.

Hence, what other programmable feature changes  are part of your system at no additional cost to you?

In conclusion, you need to understand the contract terms and conditions and the price per user.   Therefore, ask key questions – no matter which platform you choose!  Especially relevant is that working with one trusted company that knows the marketplace saves you time and money.

  • How long is the contract term?
  • Does the contract auto-renew?
  • So what happens if I don’t like my new system or it does not work as proposed in the presentation and documentation?

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At Caleidoscope Solutions, we understand the benefits of a VoIP UC System.

So most noteworthy, Caleidoscope can answer complex questions about VoIP UC solutions.  As a result, we can explain how purchasing a VoIP UC system can assist businesses of all sizes.  Finally, call us at 866-462-9259 or email us at info@mycaleidoscope.com.  We can answer your questions.