Partner Program



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Build relationships and increase trust by providing Caleidoscope cloud systems and carrier services to your clients.

We provide industry training, sales support, sales engineering assistance and handles the back-office work of system-setup, porting, billing, technical support, and customer service while keeping you involved at every turn.

We seek proven, highly-esteemed technical service providers to partner with.

You can begin offering our full suite of products and services today. Contact us today for more information.

As an Authorized Partner, you:

Earn leading upfront and evergreen residuals.

Leverage extensive sales support resources.

Receive industry training, tools and marketing support.

Team with our experienced local/regionally-based Channel Managers.

Enjoy quota-free contracts that reward production.

Protect your customer base from competing carriers that encroach upon your core business.  Partnering with us protects your lines of business from competitive threat, while adding value, services and revenue.

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